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If you are looking for high resolution inspection for production or failure analysis Cupio can offer a full range of systems, or a service to do the inspection for you. In our lab at our Basingstoke facility we offer X-Ray with a resolution to 100nm, optical inspection to a pixel size of 3.4 microns and high resolution scanning acoustic microscopy.  Utilising these systems Cupio provides full analysis of boards or components in 2D, 2.5D and full reconstructed 3D.

Should you need to have these facilities on your own site Cupio works with the Nordson Test and Inspection Group to bring some of the world’s best inspection equipment to the market. We install and support these systems throughout the UK and provide full training and consultancy services.  The equipment includes X-Ray from Nordson Dage, SAM from Nordson Sonoscan and AOI from Nordson Yestech.  These are complemented by specialist in-line X-Ray systems from Nordson Matrix.

Bringing these inspection tools together in our analysis lab, or supplying them to your facility, means that the smallest of hidden defects can be found, preventing field failures and recalls, protecting your reputation, saving money and waste, and keeping your customers safe.

Contact Cupio if you need to see that fault.

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