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Premier Control Technologies Ltd, as one of the UK’s leading distributors of flow, pressure, level and temperature solutions is relied upon for its’ unrivalled expertise within the instrumentation industry and is proud of its’ outstanding reputation for customer service and support.  The company has seen considerable success based upon the simple principle of “serving customers exactly as we would wish to be treated ourselves”.


The PCT product range is based not only upon quality and value but perhaps more importantly upon engineering excellence and a willingness to collaborate on unique solutions and “specials”.

Our products include :


Alicat Mass Flow and Pressure Control

Alicat helps scientists and engineers solve flow problems.  When they need fast, accurate readings, Alicat and PCT are there to help them find a solution and engineer it into their process.  Our high level of technical knowledge, combined with our inquisitive nature, ensures that customers get the best solution whilst our empathy and attention to detail makes sure nothing is missed.  Our customers work on some of the greatest challenges of the day; we love being part of the solution.


Alicat manufacture mass flow and pressure instruments.  The standard line is fast, versatile, and tough.  They make jobs easier and reduce the number of instruments required.  People love how easy they are to use and how fast they can be delivered.  What really sets Alicat apart is the Lifetime Warranty, unique within the market-place. Alicat OEM products are focused on high volume, customized solutions.  Different form factors, communication protocols, or custom features are very welcome.


Alicat have been successful across a great many industries.  Research and development, high technology, medical device manufacturers, precision factories – these are all areas where quality and ease of use are important to speed development or lower processing time. Some additional high success industries would be :

Vacuum coating, where our speed of response helps to improve cycle times and lower waste.

EPA regulated industries where multi-parameter technology improves reliability.

High end glass and fibre manufacturing where precision and robustness are an advantage.

Laboratories, who love Alicat versatility, the huge gas selectability, the high turn down and the multi-parameter measurement (mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature all in the one device. They can reuse Alicat product for multiple projects over many years.

Leak testers value the low flow capability, the minimal process intrusion and the rapid settling time.

Valve and tubing manufacturers employ Alicat products as pressure and flow readings in a single instrument simplifies their testing.


There are a great many benefits to the Alicat product line although a summary can be seen as :

5 millisecond response.  Lets the customers system respond to changing conditions quickly.

  • Multi-parameter. Reduces number of instruments for the application (user) and for stock.
  • No warm up time. Speeds the process and makes life easier.
  • Multi-communication. Analog and digital on a single instrument lets you plan for the future or integrate with the past.
  • Fast lead times. Customers can simply get on with other aspects of their projects.
  • Multiple gases on a single instrument. Lets the customer reduce number of units needed for stock or future projects.
  • On the fly gas mixture calibration. Only technology that can do this.  Significantly reduces costs for customers.
  • Drop it, throw water through it, just don’t worry about it.
  • No conversion factors. No additional errors from actual gas usage versus calibration gas.


The Alicat product line consists of :

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for Gas.

Bidirectional Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for Gas.

OEM Mass Flow Controllers for volume applications

Single Valve Pressure Controllers for flowing systems.

Double or Multiple Valve Pressure Controllers for non-flowing, dead-ended systems.

OEM Single and Double Valve Pressure Controllers

Flow Meters and Controllers for Liquids.

Bi-directional Flow Meters and Controllers for Liquids.

Gas Mixing Systems.

Alicat are renowned for rapid new product development at customer request.


Equilibar Precision Pressure Control

Equilibar pressure control products deliver reliable performance for some of the world’s most complex process conditions. Our dome-loaded, multiple-orifice technology works in a radically different way, providing solutions for difficult problems in a broad range of industries, including catalysis, oil and gas, fuel cells, and biopharma. The product line consists of ;

Specialist Back Pressure Regulators with exceptional rangeability

High Pressure and High Temperature Back Pressure Regulators

Ultra-Low Flow Back Pressure Regulators

Vacuum Regulators

Pressure Reducing Regulators

Solutions for Super-Critical Fluids

Solutions for Multi-Phase Flow

Solutions for Very High Viscosity Fluids

Special Flow Solutions for near impossible applications.


Trigas High End Precision Turbine Flow Meters For Gas and Liquid

Turbine Flow Meters for Gas and Liquid

High accuracy Turbine Flow Meters

High turn-down Turbine Flow Meters

High Temperature and High Pressure Turbine Flow Meters

Ultra-Light Weight Turbine Flow Meters

High Accuracy Turbines for Variable viscosity Fluids


Blue White

Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Portable Energy Meters


King Instruments

Variable Area Flow Meters for Gas and Liquids

Glass VA Flow Meters

Stainless Steel VA Flow Meters

Acrylic, Polysulfone and PVC VA Flow Meters

Borosilicate Glass Metering Tubes


Lake Monitors

High Pressure VA Flow Meters for Gas and Liquid

High Pressure VA Flow Transmitters for Gas and Liquids

High Pressure VA Flow Switches for Gas and Liquids

High Temperature VA Flow Meters for Gas and Liquid

High Temperature VA Flow Transmitters for Gas and Liquids

High Temperature VA Flow Switches for Gas and Liquids

Bi-Directional VA Flow Meters for Gas and Liquids


Special Solutions

Gas Mixing Systems

Vapour Generation Systems

Coriolis Flow Meters and Controllers

Unique flow solutions for extreme applications


PCT also have long standing partnerships with both Vega and Krohne.


Our client base is international and spans a wide range of industries: Pharmaceutical, Offshore, Chemical, Universities, Semicon and Vacuum, Mobile, Hydraulic, Energy Conservation, Food Processing and Scientific Research to name but a few. We can provide the solutions that cutting edge industry demands.

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