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Axetris is a leading supplier of highly selective laser gas detection modules, robust infrared light sources, precise mass flow devices and high-quality micro-optics. All products are manufactured in clean room facilities in central Switzerland. Axetris has a broad and in-depth application know-how and supplies various industries. Customers benefit from excellent product value, consistently high product quality and outstanding support. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) rely on Axetris for customer specific solutions as a competent partner from concept to volumes production.

High precision Laser Gas Detection (LGD)

Laser Gas Detection Modules from Axetris are stand-alone and ready-to-use OEM subsystems for selective detection and monitoring of gases. The sensors are based on Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS), which has proven its validity in high-end laboratory and process control applications.

The newly developed LGD Compact is a lightweight and very compact sensor solution. The multipass absorption cell design enables significantly improved measurement performance in terms of detectivity and precision. LGD Compact sensors are ideal for leak detection in portable devices, continuous gas monitoring and medical applications.

Infrared Sources (IR) with high emissivity

Axetris EMIRS stands for “Electrical Modulated Infrared Source”. It is a micro-machined broadband emitter with true black body radiation characteristics. The sources are ideally suited for compact IR gas detection modules where high emissivity, high reliability and low power consumption are key requirements. The appropriate design is based on a resistive heating element deposited onto a thin dielectric membrane suspended on a micromachined silicon structure.

The sources are packaged in compact cans and are available with a protective cap or with a reflector. They can be fitted optionally with sapphire, CaF₂, BaF₂ or germanium broadband filters.

Outstandingly accurate Mass Flow Devices (MFD)

The range of Axetris Mass Flow Meters (MFM), Controllers (MFC) and Manifolds is designed to meet OEM requirements. The platinum-based MEMS with a thermal mass flow technology, guarantees excellent accuracy and repeatability at high speed and an unmatched dynamic range. Combined with intelligent software processing and a robust housing, it makes Mass Flow Devices the ideal choice for demanding OEM applications.

Wide range of high-quality Micro-Optics (MOS)

Axetris offers high quality refractive micro lenses and lens-arrays as well as diffractive optical elements (DOEs) in silicon and fused silica, covering the entire wavelength range from UV to IR. The precise lens shape control (spherical and aspherical), as well as the high material and surface finish qualities guarantee high coupling efficiencies, while the small sizes and extremely high placement accuracies allow for compact integration. Finally, the wafer-level manufacturing can scale to high volumes and low costs.

Axetris supports OEM customers from prototyping to volume production to meet their specific design requirements in various industries such as communications, industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer.

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